Executive Coaching
One-on-one work and services for executives, directors, change leaders, consultants, entrepreneurs and others who are ready to:
• Generate a leap in effectiveness and greater overall well-being
• Accelerate the achievement of an important goal that involves the participation, support of others
• Generate greater influence, visibility and trust
• Develop a more rewarding work situation
• Enhance skill at cultivating or transforming the key relationships that drive results
• Develop greater ease and skill at having tough conversations
• Put new practices in place that open up communication, possibility and commitment
• Improve success in negotiating favorable contract terms, win-win agreements

Coaching and Planning for Successful High-Stakes Conversations, Meetings
As part of executive coaching services or retained separately by individuals and teams or groups, to become more effective at:
• "Selling” or creating “buy-in” for an important idea, initiative, project, service – internally or externally
• Transforming a client situation or other work situation
• Presenting information to a tough or important audience, in order to produce a desired result
• Delivering a tough message to a resistant audience
• Generating influence, visibility, respect, trust, greater well-being
• Cultivating key relationships
• Producing a satisfying result, particularly where stakes are high

Leadership Effectiveness Assessment
Using the Center for Creative Leaderships’ Benchmarks®, and other tools.
For leaders, change leaders, those who want to be seen as leaders who:
• Are ready to uncover obstacles that interfere with trust, candid communication, effectiveness
• Are ready for a “reality check” that includes frank input from those they work with
• Want more clarity on their own strengths and areas for learning
• Want to use this learning to generate a leap in effectiveness
• Want to put new practices in place that open up communication, possibility and commitment

Group and Team Coaching
• For greater alignment
• To improve communication, well-being, work practices
• To accelerate achievement of a goal that involves the engagement, support, influence of others

Conversation and Meeting Facilitation
For those who:
• Must get a great deal done in a short amount of time
• Want to develop and create alignment around a vision and mission to accelerate achievement of organizational goals
• Want to utilize the process of achieving a particular goal as a teambuilding exercise, generating greater ease in working together
• Want to encourage greater participation, build trust, understanding
• Want to solve a problem or generate alignment around a future goal
• Want to produce a useful result
• Want to build agreement among individuals whose viewpoints differ