Authentic Networking to Build Long-Term Relationships

This is the Age of the Relationship. Becoming excellent at cultivating business relationships can change your career, change your life. Although creating sound relationships takes time, these relationships can then take your success to new levels, in substantially less time than other marketing investments and produce a steady flow of superb referrals and opportunities.

Outlines the art of successful networking, including some things that may surprise participants, and guidelines on self-introductions that generate interest.

Participants will learn:
How to have networking conversations that promote dignity, well-being and trust
How to have networking conversations that can serve as the foundation of powerful alliances
What to expect from networking and what not to expect
How to identify appropriate individuals to network with
How to prepare for networking events
How to introduce one's self in a manner that more clearly communicates the benefit you offer, and promotes interest
When to ask your contacts to do things for you
That successful networking is an art that, like any skill, takes time to learn. Just about anyone who knows how to be a friend can become successful at networking if he or she is willing to learn

Program availability:
Half-day session for up to 50 people