Generative Leadership
Cultivating an Environment that Fosters Innovation and Accountability

How we communicate as leaders and managers—how we make requests, hold others accountable, and give direct feedback has enormous impact on what we can accomplish in our organizations. Yet, many of us have had little or no guidance in how to bring out the best in others through how we communicate. Sloane Communications provides simple, powerful models that have immediate impact in clients’ effectiveness with reports, peers and upper management.

One Sloane Communications, Inc. client reported slashing production time for a project by 50%, after using what she learned in these programs with her team.

The Generative Leadership program is customizable, and includes two highly interactive modules, each less than half a day. Ideally, the modules are part of a program that incorporates some one-on-one coaching and other elements.

Direct Feedback as a Leadership Tool

The ability to give direct feedback in a way that generates understanding, partnership, respect and well-being has become essential to optimum effectiveness and creativity today. Yet, most people put off such communications or work around others. This session will increase awareness of how what we communicate impacts what we can produce. In this highly interactive session, participants will:

Accelerate Productivity Through Accountability: Save Time, Frustration with Extreme Clarity in Requests and Promise Management

So much of our business lives are spent in conversation that it is practically invisible. Yet, nearly everything happens through communication. In this interactive session, participants will:

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What People Say About the Generative Leadership Program

Hot Mama's foods hired Jackie Sloan as an executive coach for one of our senior management employees. We quickly realized that we had an opportunity to expand the skills of the entire management team through some group training work as well. In both ventures we were very pleased with the work that Jackie did for us.

As an executive coach, she quickly earned the trust and confidence of the manager. She gave him tools that he could use immediately to improve his leadership style and helped him address some of the morale and teamwork issues that were present in his staff. He improved in his ability to motivate and coach his team and he learned valuable communication and listening skills.

Jackie provided several group trainings to improve communication skills and accountability amongst the management staff. These were well received. Managers felt that they learned how to be more assertive by making clearer, more specific requests and taking initiative. They learned how to listen without getting defensive and communicate their concerns or needs without generating conflicted. The participants found that they were able to implement what they learned and noticed excellent results. In general, they found that this improved their ability to work together as a team and that there was more cohesion, support, and respect as a result.

Managers also found that they could use these tools with their staff so that a sense of shared leadership emerged throughout the organization. One manager reported using the communication tools with her front-line employees to empower them to take ownership of a new product introduction. The results far exceeded expectation, with the production workers implementing a system that enabled them to reduce the start up time close to 70% from what had been originally anticipated.

I highly recommend Jackie as a coach and trainer.

—Lisa Dufour, Director of Human Resources, Hot Mama's Foods

It’s been very beneficial for me. It’s caused me to be more assertive, to get the answers

I need – it’s helped me very, very much with assertiveness. I am now better able to work with people in achieving deadlines. I used to leave things a lot more open-ended. Now I am more concrete, and effective at holding people accountable: “you said you’d have this by this date—what happened?”

Direct Feedback as a Leadership Tool really opened people up to the communication. It was a vital starting point. The team members really started expressing themselves.

I think it’s done wonders. There’s been a tremendous improvement individually and as a team. It’s been great for me. I saw an immediate change in people’s willingness to bring up issues, make direct requests. People have been able to communicate much better, work more cohesively and collaboratively. People have also mentioned how much it has helped them. The atmosphere, productivity has gotten a lot better.

People make clearer requests, are more helpful, listen more carefully, listen to see how they might help. People listen now.

I learned to be more specific in my requests. I now tell people the result I am expecting to produce and in the time frame I need.. People are honoring my clarity. As a result of this clarity, we have been able to cut production time, and save labor costs. For example, recently I had a new product which we needed in 5 days. (55,000 lbs of a food product) We expected that we’d need the five 8 hour days. I explained the need, and also asked them to look for ways to save time, and that if they saw a way to save time, to go ahead and do it and to let me know that as well as soon as they knew that. I said, “You are making the product, setting up the line. Figure out what machines to use to improve the process. What will make it easier, faster, more effective? Think about how to improve the way the cans are opened, and so on.” They created their own system to make it faster. As a result we cut the production time from 5 days to 2 ½ days (2 ten hour days), saving that labor time and cost. Before, I would have just handed the paperwork to someone and asked them to do it, without this clarity in my request.

People communicate more directly, make clear requests. It has helped people understand how to make clearer requests. People are more able to speak more openly, candidly, debate and find a resolution. I am more able to speak candidly with my team. People are speaking more freely. Using the tools, we have all learned to be able to speak more freely and directly.

Helped me to create a more structured, disciplined environment, and make my expectation of accountabilities clear. It broadened my horizons. It’s helped me to set people up so others don’t wait for me to make a quality decision. I cross-trained my employee in the fundamentals of my quality priorities so that the team is able to make a decision if I am not here. The technician can bring up the issue to another manager. If need be, I can be reached by cell phone.

I learned to talk to people in a way that wouldn’t cause misunderstandings or issues.

There’s a lot more interaction. People feel more comfortable and respectful of one another. People’s input is valued and things are improved. -- The biggest thing is overcoming the fear of open communication. I can’t express that enough. – Before, there had been a fear, a concern about challenging things – people may see a better way of doing things, and not want to be in the position, the one to shake things up.

People are taking a lot more initiative.