The Art of Distinguishing Yourself in a Competitive Marketplace

There are many ways to distinguish one's self in the marketplace. For service providers, one of the most effective ways to set yourself apart is to become very good at establishing value.

Too often, when we are selling, we speak in terms of tasks and functions, rather than value. What people really care about is the difference you, your product, your service can make in their lives. Learning how to speak about the value you provide in a single, declarative sentence can be a powerful marketing tool that gets people's attention immediately and simplifies the selling process. A good declarative sentence opens up conversations, (Oh, really? How do you do that?) and communicates what sets you apart from others who may speak in terms of tasks and functions. For instance, rather than "I am a marketing researcher," "I help companies make sound business decisions." (The consultant who made this switch found it completely altered how people heard what he did; after he developed marketing materials to emphasize this focus, he booked a year's worth of business in a single quarter.)

Participants will learn:
Why becoming very good at establishing value can simplify business development and increase the size of each sale
How to speak in terms of value
How a declarative sentence differs from a a descriptive sentence.
How to summarize value provided by a firm or professional in a single declarative sentence
How to collect and present case study information to support establishing value

Program availability:
Half-day small group session for up to 20 people.