Communicating for Influence and Creating Contexts for Success

The words we use, our tone of voice, the way we make and manage requests and promises all build our identities at work and in the marketplace. We can think of each conversation, each interaction as a building block not only of our identity, but a unit of the "architecture" of each of our relationships. Our communications are actions, creating the nature of our relationships. In a fast-paced work environment, and even in our personal relationships, how we build our "foundation" can make an incredible difference in what's possible. Respectful interactions that allow for another person's dignity and well-being build quite a different foundation than abrupt, critical or sarcastic interactions.

Are you building the identity, the relationships that support you and what you want to accomplish?

In this highly interactive program, we will:
Discuss enemies of an effective, productive, supportive work environment
Explore how to build trust, save energy and time through the way we make and manage requests and promises
Work with models:
——For making productive, responsible complaints as a tool for effective relationships
——For "setting up" conversations to support what you want to accomplish
——For having conversations that open up possibility
——For setting up conversations and building relationships that support the ability to influence

Program availability:
Half-day session for up to 40 people