Transformational Leadership
Customized Retreat for Leaders and Their Teams

What if your next retreat was a major turning point for your organization?

The way in which leaders and their teams communicate and operate profoundly impacts the culture of the organization and what’s possible in it. Investing in the right shared leadership development experiences and practices, customized to address specific challenges and goals, can accelerate establishment of a new level of energy, focus, discipline and results for your organization.

Generative Leadership
Cultivating an Environment that Fosters Innovation and Accountability

How we communicate as leaders and managers—how we make requests, hold others accountable, and give direct feedback has enormous impact on what we can accomplish in our organizations. Yet, many of us have had little or no guidance in how to bring out the best in others through how we communicate. Sloane Communications provides simple, powerful models that have immediate impact in clients’ effectiveness with reports, peers and upper management.

Communicating for Influence and Creating Contexts for Success
The words we use, our tone of voice, the way we make and manage requests and promises all build our identities at work and in the marketplace. We can think of each conversation, each interaction as a building block not only of our identity, but a unit of the "architecture" of each of our relationships.

The Art of Making Offers That Get Accepted
Mastering the art of making offers that get accepted can have enormous impact—on financial success as well as ability to contribute to others. If you know how to make offers that get accepted, you can win more of the clients that suit you best, and contribute at greater and greater levels.


Authentic Networking to Build Long-Term Relationships
This is the Age of the Relationship. Becoming excellent at cultivating business relationships can change your career, change your life.