As a direct result of work together, client increased compensation by 80%. Secured a position as a vice-president at desired salary target, even though the client had first assumed that the new position, at a not-for-profit, would not pay what a previous, director-level position paid at a for-profit. The new position also resulted in a great deal more personal time for an important project, since the client no longer had extensive local and national travel.

As a result of preparation for a potentially explosive meeting, the client had a brief conversation in which the entire nature of the relationship shifted, resulting in a mood of respect and collaboration. The peer had previously seemed sabotaging, competitive and rude. The intention had been to diplomatically ask the individual to bow out of a joint project. The peer acknowledged the client's professionalism, and they chose to continue work together on the project.

As a result of group and one-on-one work, a leader and loosely aligned group of individuals developed shared responsibility for the organization, greater effectiveness and well-being. Previously, the leader was constantly disappointed that the others didn't "take more initiative." This person learned his own role in the dynamic. Coached the group in taking new actions and developing new behaviors to support the growth of the organization.

For a business owner about to send off an angry letter to a delinquent multinational client, worked with him to sort out the issues and plan a conversation that not only resulted in payment, but transformed the relationship, generating several new projects. After the conversation, the client called the business owner "the most customer-focused vendor I have ever worked with."

Supported a client in preparing for a critical meeting with the Executive Committee at a multinational, on a project that had caused upset throughout the organization. As a result of anticipating concerns and reactions and planning for them, the client was credited with "shifting the mood" of the committee from one of complaint, to curiosity about the positive impact of the project.

For an internal consulting group at a Fortune 300 firm, supported them in learning how to successfully position themselves and their department with potential clients and influencers in the organization. Within 5 months, the group doubled internal engagements. Within another year, engagements increased seven-fold. Supported the manager and consultants in creating a vision for what they want to produce; clarifying the value of the programs and consulting they offer; communicating in terms to which potential clients could relate; in how to open and conduct successful "sales" conversations that generate long-term relationships and respect, and make offers that get accepted. Created documents to support them in communicating the value they provide to clients and in outlining the process of having successful conversations that build trust and well-being. Supported the consultants in enhancing individual visibility and influence.

For an executive interested in growing his organization's revenues, worked with him to increase sales 25%, and win more of the projects his people most enjoyed, at which they excel and which are more lucrative. Based on client interviews, uncovered the fact that the company helped its clients increase sales by as much as 30% throughout a mass retailing chain, and as much as 50% at specialty retailers. Worked with the manufacturing organization to successfully re-position itself as a service firm that helps marketers increase sales. Coached the leader and sales team to re-orient the sales process to higher-level contacts, including redesigning the sales conversation, and creating extremely effective brochures and sales tools the sales team was proud to use.