Learning and supporting others in their learning is key to effective leadership in a world where entire industries transform in a few short years. The articles below may be useful to you or others, many of which will be included in the ebook, Transformational Leadership: Generating Possibility Through Conscious Conversation. Contact Jackie Sloane for information on how to order a copy.

Using a Highly Interactive Retreat to Launch a Transformation-What shift are you looking to make in your organization? Could creating a transformational retreat support you? Anil Saxena and I share our experiences on this, which appeared on the Catalyst Ranch blog. PDF

Leading the Transformational Retreat-What if your next leadership retreat was a turning point for your organization, infusing new energy, commitment and focus, and leading to breakthrough results? PDF

The following originally appeared in the Executive Coach column of the American Express publication Executive Travel.

Leader as Coach-Could developing your coaching skills improve your results as a leader? PDF

Assume positive intent-Underestimate the power of curiosity and compassion at your own peril PDF

What's your executive presence done for you lately? -Executive presence compels others to listen and act. The lack of it can hold you back professionally. Could yours work better for you? PDF

Transforming leadership transitions -A new leadership role can be thrilling, career-making, transformative -- and utterly disorienting and disastrous. How can you plan for uncertainty and the unexpected? PDF

Executive politics -"I don't do politics" is not an effective strategy PDF

The secret life of goals -How to set goals for yourself and others that propel you to new levels of accomplishment PDF

Building bench strength -Encouraging reports to think like leaders is not just good business -- it accelerates your agenda and simplifies your life! PDF

Retaining the talent that drives your success -As the economic recovery builds are you at risk of losing your top talent? PDF

Conversations that generate results -What we say and do impacts who we are and what we can produce PDF

The alchemy of managing up -Collaborate with those who have the power to determine your destiny and transform what's possible PDF

How CEOs create a culture that accelerates success -Practices, structures, what you say and don't say can define what is and is not possible in an organization PDF

Can Golf Make You a Better Leader? Link

And ... -From the Center for Creative Leadership publication, Leadership in Action: How important are relationships to effective leadership? Read what several leaders say about it. PDF

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